March Featured Items

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This month at Caranz we are showing you a few of our most popular items.

Caranz Tuflok Labels

Outdoor flexible plant labels.

Can be attached to plant stem using punched out hole.

Long lasting.

Can be written on with a marker.


White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Black, Pink, Citrus Green, Spring Green


1000 pack - $73.00 +GST

250 pack - $25.75 + GST

50 pack - $6.35 + GST



Dramm Watering Wand Complete 24 inch

Good quality watering wand that is long lasting.

Standard 400 hole water breaker with shut off valve.

Price - $38.23 +GST






Tree Guard Sleeves

180mm x 180mm x460mm H (Green)

Great for stopping pests from destotying your new trees.

Price - $0.29 + GST





Caranz Propagation Hygiene Trays       


Long lasting UV stablised trays.

Can be stored outside.

Price $9.00 +GST each

Discount for bulk purchases.




125mm Coloured Plastic Labels

Outdoor plant lables.

Long lasting.

Can be written on with a marker.


Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, Purple


1000 pack - $54.80 +GST

100 pack - $8.00 + GST

20 pack - $1.60 + GST